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Diamond Platnumz ft Morgan Heritage - Hallelujah (Official Video)


Bring in the love! Check out Diamond Platnumz’s fresh new video Hallelujah featuring Morgan Heritage.

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  1. diamond platnum long life bro love from somalian i luv all tanzanian arts good WCD wsaaafi record

  2. dimond platnamz
    n morgan heritage diamond::

     ah ..ata kilala na nyota najitambara mwezi kisa na nyotaa 
    ah nimkande ame chokaa nitembee na ulimi kote kaa nyoka (mapenzi niongezee ..kwa bahari niogelee) mmh eh eh eeh..

     lord have mercy ..
    speaking from ma heart tym shes so sexy
     mama gimi blazy i wanna off the lights so i can speak dirty.. the way she says she wants some moree)hotter than i cared for her b4… uuh the way she dancing.. aah touch me ..aah

     i swear she makes me say Alelluyah yes u makes me say Alelluyah she makes me say Alelluyah..ooh shee…eeee Alelluyah


    :::: from a one to a ten.. she gets to a ten n a don bother ..aw waw shes got the stage that makes me wana give her everything got her (giv it to her) the way she moves that makes wen shes walking like she carried em hips don lie n wen she hit the dance floor is amazing she hits the place soo fast…

     the way she rock it an blaze it al it one place ana shake it a babylon ananticipating.. who shes gona let in blaze it thehh i wolap but shwup i man control this jus look wat shes hold me everything about ma baby maakes me say Alelluyah

    chorus :::

     this one goes to all bad girls my cocos(my cocos) they walk n rock all they want me i call them popos(cal them popos) i wanna knw wat turns u oon.. so i can b all that am wroong…mh eeh ehh ehh



  3. wallah Broo diamond deeply we love u ….chibu u have a nic voice so singing any songs. big up. haleluya ….mashallah

  4. diamond umeharibisha muziki yako'''now you sing just blablabla '''there's nothing in the song'no 'life''''kitugani ??why this level of perversion

  5. Nakukubali sana diamond platnumz bongo hakuna wakushindana nawew maana hiyo ngoma cyo level ya Tanzania maana umepasua anga wcb wasafi classic nawakubali saana

  6. Kama umeanza tuletea minyimbo ya kikafiri hivi,let's expect the church that called WCB.Shame on you son of whore

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  8. The way she rock it and a brace it, hold it one place and a shake it
    Have every lion anticipating- who shes gonna let him brace it,
    then I roll up and show them I MAN CONTROL THIS

  9. Diamond you plagiarized the hook to Joe Thomas' wanna know…

    kuwa mbunifu msanii wangu…keep it real…nice song though!! mad collabo!!!

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